Yearly Archives: 2013

PowerShell: Changing the Distributed Cache Service Managed Account

Changing managed account used for “Distributed Cache Service” is one of the things that cannot be done using the SharePoint Central Administrator. So as central admin advises you navigate to Security -> General Security -> Configure Service Accounts, find the “Distributed Cache Service” and select another managed account, it gives […]

Disabled ribbon items or missing options in Central Administration

I was encountered a familiar error while installing a Sharepoint 2013 environment. All of the ribbon items in central administration site was disabled. Furthermore some of the important options such as “manage services in the server”, “farm configuration wizard” were missing. I run IE as administrator (or run with the […]

Book Review: Pomodoro Technique Illustrated

I’ve just finished listening¬†Staffan Noteberg‘s Pomodoro Technique Illustrated book. The¬†Pomodoro Technique¬†is a¬†time management¬†method developed by Francesco Cirillo in the late 1980s.¬†The technique uses a timer to break down periods of work into 25-minute intervals called ‘Pomodori’ (from the¬†Italian¬†word for ‘tomatoes’) separated by breaks. Closely related to concepts such as¬†timeboxing¬†and¬†iterative and […]

SharePoint 2013 Certification Exams

Since Microsoft released SharePoint Server 2013 RTM, SharePoint community is heavily using it and trying to learn the new features. To test your SharePoint 2013 skills and get more job opportunities in your career you may think to take Microsoft certification exams. As usual Microsoft is¬†working on the new¬†certification paths […]